Still Training… 6 Years Later

Jack, my schnauzer, turns six this month. He was only seven weeks old and the shiest puppy I’ve ever seen when we brought him home the first day. He didn’t even want to walk on the pavement or grass those first couple days!

For anyone who has ever had a schnauzer, it is probably not a surprise that this breed is VERY strong-willed. That dog that wouldn’t even walk the first day now rules the house, except at night when he gets up for a drink of water because the cat will pounce on him with claws extended! Jack, and schnauzers in general, is a smart dog. But smart and strong-willed combine for never-ending frustration for my husband and I. Jack has two main problems:

  1. He can whine all day to get what he wants. And I mean all day! He usually wakes up from his morning nap around 11 am and wants a rawhide. I’ve tried everything to ignore him, including trying to let him whine it out to learn that his asking for something does not result in getting it. Jack almost always wins these battles. I can let him whine for hours at times and he will not give up.
  2. He gets super excited when he sees other dogs. In person is the worst, but he also gets excited when he sees dogs on TV – I’m talking about barking and standing on his hind legs in front of the TV. Once – and I’m not kidding – he saw a picture of a dog on a t-shirt on someone on TV and he went nuts. If there is a commercial on with animals and he hears the music, he will wake from a deep sleep to look at the TV too. He’s getting better with this issue after more than a year of training.

Now that the summer is coming, I’m looking forward to getting Jack out to the dog parks again to continue working on his training and providing him with the mental stimulation that a dog like him needs. If anyone else has suggestions on what’s worked for you, feel free to comment below!


He knows he’s cute…