Travelling and Pet Shows

For the last couple weeks, I’ve been travelling for Pet Parcel business. I’m lucky to have family who watch my pets when I need to be out of town (and probably spoil them more than when they are at home!).

I know they’re in good hands, but I still worry about them getting into trouble or being general pains in the butt because they are used to their home and their schedule. Although I enjoy sleeping in on Sunday mornings (no walking the dog at dawn!), it doesn’t make up for the loneliness I feel without them. It’s so sad when I walk in the door and there’s no dog to greet me 😦

Every time our schnauzer, Jack, whines in the mornings because he DEMANDS a bone, he makes up for it in the evenings when he’s giving kisses. When Lucy wakes me up at 4 am, but wants to take a nap on my computer in the afternoon, it’s easy to forget the lack of sleep the night before. Anyone who’s owned a pet most likely understands the ups and downs of being a pet parent. Every time one of my pets starts to annoy me, which is inevitable when you have another living thing living in the same space, I think of all the joy they bring instead.

This week, I will pick up our pets and bring them home! In the meantime, I wanted to reflect on the fun weekends I’ve had in two very different parts of the country.


Lucy on my lap next to my computer while Jack naps on her.

San Jose: San Francisco is one of my favorite cities in the US (and beyond), so I was excited to see what this smaller city nearby had to offer. San Jose’s Willow Glen neighborhood was an amazing enclave of the city! I found so many great shops and restaurants in this area of the city, including Crepevine, a restaurant that I always visit in the Inner Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco when I’m there. Willow Glen had the feeling of a neighborhood of a large city, but felt like it had the walkability of a larger city.

Kansas City: I planned to drive from Chicago to Kansas City, but work schedules meant I had to fly. I’m not sure why I expected the landscape to be flat, but I was surprised by how hilly the city is! Maybe it’s because the areas that I’ve been to in the Midwest – mainly Indiana, Iowa, and Illinois – are pretty flat. Or, maybe it’s because I watched Wizard of Oz about a million times as a kid and thought Kansas was flat (I know KC is in Missouri, but it’s close!). I absolutely love the Westport neighborhood, and it didn’t hurt that it was close to 90 degrees on Sunday so the patios were filled with post-St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, which made the area feel very welcoming. I definitely need to come back to explore more of this area of the city!

In the meantime, this week I head east towards Detroit to pick up the “kids”.

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